All our jewelry are designed by Vanessa and created of suppliers all over the world. The jewelries are made of brass with 18 k goldplating and rhodiumplating with the world’s highest quality crystals. The jewelry is nickelfree and free from lead and cadmium. The crystals is attached by hand. Every piece is made with love and handcrafted.


Our Goldplating

Some of our goldplating is made with the standard technique (flash plating) and some jewelry are pvd coated with vacuumplating in a chamber for 10 days to keep extra high duration of the goldplating. The goldplating of the vacuum chamber plating keeps the gold stay for years because the vacuumplating are more resistant to corrision from sweat and regular wear than the standard flash plating. Our signaure jewelry, the Bow colletion for example are some of our jewelries that have been produced with the pvd coating.


Our Rhodium plating

We use rhodium plating on all our jewelries instead of silverplating. The reason why se use rhodiumplating is becasue its mote resistant than silverplating. Rhodium is a white, silver metallic from the platinum family. Rhodium is hypoallergic and it dosen’t oxidize or corrode easily. The durability of rhodiumplating can keep for years.

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