Celtini is more than just a timeless brand but also a brand as no confidence and commitment to our customers when it comes to service and quality in our products.

All our jewelry is carefully handmade in brass and Rhodium plated and plated in 18k gold in a vacuum chamber for about 10 days (regular plating usually takes place in a few hours).

Our jewelry is nickel free and made with handmade Swarovski crystals.


The designer

Vanessa Hunter is both founder and designer behind the brand Celtini. Since childbirth, Vanessa has been fascinated by jewelry and all that sparkles. One of her dear childhood memories was when she was given the chance to peek in her mother’s great jewelry crown. The creative side has since followed her during life. Vanessa is a person who loves details balanced with the simpla that creates harmony. The combination of her analytical ability with attention to detail is the basis of Celtini. The brand Celtini is trademark protected and also created by Vanessa, with a personal meaning.


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