About Celtini



Truly Elegance with a twist of trends


Celtini’s vision is to give our customers the opportunity to wear classical jewelry combined with trendy influences.

Celtini is more than just a timeless brand but also a brand that gives confidence and dedication to our customers when it comes to service and quality in our products.

Quality is very important to us and therefore our jewelry is carefully handmade in brass. The plating we use is Rhodium plating and plated in 18k gold in a vacuum chamber (standard plating usually takes place in a bath for a few hours). It describes the clear difference regarding the quality of the plating.

Some of our jewelry also has the usual 18k gold / silver plating (this is included in the product description on these jewelry)

Our jewelry is made of components from several different countries around the world. We have spent several years working through several different manufacturers to get the best and most affordable quality of our jewelry.

All of our jewelry is of course nickel free and made with genuine Swarovski crystals.



Vanessa Hunter is both founder and designer behind the brand Celtini. She grew up in central Gothenburg and since childhood, Vanessa has been fascinated by jewelry and everything that sparkles. One of her dear childhood memories was when she was given the chance to peek in her mother’s great jewelry crown. The creative side has since followed her during her childhood. Vanessa is a person who loves details balanced with simple that creates harmony. The combination of her analytical ability with attention to detail is the basis of Celtini.

The brand Celtini is brand-protected and also created by Vanessa, with a personal touch.

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